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Common mistakes people make when removing mold.

  • Bleaching mold -does not remove the root of the mold, even if it appear to be gone. (Bleached)                                     Chlorine in bleach cannot penetrate into porous surfaces such as drywall or wood,                                                           therefore the chlorine is left on the surface and only the water is absorbed into the wood or other porous                        surface which will in turn feed the mold with more water.                        
                                                             Bleach is 94% water                                                                      
                                  Water is the main contributor to mold growth is excess water.
  • Spraying mold with a disinfectant -is not sufficient without removal.   
  • Disturbing Mold - with out proper containment/control of airflow could contaminate other areas.
  • Painting over mold - does not address excess mold spores in the air or hidden in wall cavities. 
  • Wearing a Dust Mask - from a store does not protect you from spores or potential mycotoxins.  

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